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Movies for 2011 - Part 6

And then it all came crashing down. My poor health has slowed my film watching to a crawl. I was using it partially to make sure I stopped and rested for an hour or two, but now finding it too hard to keep my attention on a movie.

On the plus side, I've watched some good ones! And to the end of February I've managed 63 films, which is a great start.

21st February

22nd February
The Harder They Fall

23rd February
Short Circuit

25th February
Halloween (2007)

26th February
The Incredible Hulk

Shorts was a fun kids film by Robert Rodriguez. I like the man's films anyway, but but the ones aimed at kids I tend to find to be more enjoyable than a lot of the dross out there. It's all about the effects of a magic wishing rock on a community, and is told out of order.
For my money, Helvetica Black is one of the most enjoyable child villains of all time. I swear, if I had seen this movie before MaybeZoe was born, I would have been fighting to name her Helvetica instead. I would have lost, but I would have fought all the same.

The Harder They Fall is a top little film about boxing. My dad was a boxer, he taught me how to box, and while I don't watch the sport, I have a knowledge and appreciation of it. And I tend to like harsh, nasty boxing films that show the devastating side, the way it uses people up. This is one of those.

Showed Lex Short Circuit. He enjoyed it, I enjoyed it (in spite of some of the racist stuff scattered through it, and I don't mean Fisher Stevens), and it did manage to surprise me with some very clever and subtle stuff hidden in amongst the broader humour.

Finally saw the Halloween 2007 remake, and I rather liked it. Rob Zombie has obviously done his research into real serial killers and used it to heavily inform the creation of the new Michael Myers. Much better than it should have been, and made me want to rewatch the original for the right reasons, not to get the taste out of my mouth.

The Incredible Hulk starts off as a great sequel, then slowly works it way down to two special effects hitting each other. I actually really like the film, and from a writing stand point it builds very well, it's just the execution that hurts it. I think Marvel have really screwed up not getting Edward Norton back to play the Banner again.

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