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Movies for 2011 - Part 5

10th February

12th February
Good Night, and Good Luck

13th February

14th February

15th February
Mutiny on the Bounty

16th February
V for Vendetta

17th February
The Stuff
Sherlock Holmes: A Study in Scarlet

18th February
Carry on Camping

19th February
The Phantom Tollbooth

20th February
The Pink Panther

Brief thoughts on the films under the cut

I rememberedMimic as being a good film, and it easily lived up to my expectations and memory of it. There are so, so many ways in which a film about insects mimicking humans could have been dreadful, and this carefully avoids them with style and flare.

I had never seen the whole of Fantasia, so it was nice to finally sit down and watch it with Lex. It really is a masterful piece of work.

Good Night, and Good Luck Kind of hard to sum this film up, except to say it's a truly excellent movie about one of the more deplorable bits of recent American history.

Desperado was great fun. Clever, stylish, and surprisingly funny.

Highlander has dated a little, but still stands up as fabulous movie. Great soundtrack, interesting premise, and wonderful villain. And Sean Connery, the only Scot in the films, and he's playing an Egyptian.

You know, the more I see of Charles Laughton, the more I love him as an actor. Mutiny on the Bounty is a good film, but suffers a bit because the ending seems to try to stay true to the actual events, not a bad thing, but in this case feels like a sudden and unsatisfying way to finish. But the rest of the film is great.

I liked V for Vendetta a lot more this time around. I didn't dislike it originally, but the issues I did have with it felt entirely unimportant now.

The Stuff it has a lot of problems with the editing and basic execution, but it was good to see this tale of deadly yoghurt again. That said, don't think I need see it again for another twenty years.

Sherlock Holmes: A Study in Scarlet (1933) was sadly quite dull and unengaging. It takes a lot for me to start doing other stuff and leave a film on in the background, but this one got me there.

I grew up watching the Carry On films. Carry on Camping varies between being terribly flawed and genuinely clever, sexist and mean-spirited, and inspired and funny. It's funny to remember when the later films were the raciest comedies around, and now they're PG rated. Over all, by the end, I think I liked it.

The Phantom Tollbooth was good. Not great but was worth another watch after all these years. And Lex certainly enjoyed it, especially the songs.

Beowulf I think there's the guts of a good film here, hidden by endless interruptions to the visual storytelling by moments of things being poked at or flying at the camera because, you know, it's in 3D, and that's what you do with 3D isn't it?

The Pink Panther
I had a few issues with the film, but by the end I was killing myself laughing. The gorilla safe-cracking scene, and the chase scene built up beautifully, and each just got funnier. And while I'm not a fan of slapstick, watching the sheer amount of things Sellers had to get wrong in any given scene, without the camera cutting away, is truly impressive.
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