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Doctor Who Original Series 20 - The Myth Makers - Danny Danger Oz [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Doctor Who Original Series 20 - The Myth Makers [Feb. 9th, 2011|08:23 pm]
[mood |chipperchipper]

3.06 The Myth Makers Pt. 1 - Temple of Secrets Written by Donald Cotton, Directed by Michael Leeston-Smith

The TARDIS lands near Troy, towards the end of the siege.

Fun! A really enjoyable first episode. I particularly like Menelaus, who is so obviously over the whole thing. And Hartnell is having a ball thanks to a wonderful case of mistaken identity.


"One of the reasons I drink, Agamemnon, is to forget that I am your brother. Another is this ridiculous Trojan expedition. We've been here for ten years! I want to go home. Besides, I'm not getting any younger." - Jack Melford (Menelaus)

3.07 The Myth Makers Pt. 2 - Small Prophet, Quick Return Written by Donald Cotton, Directed by Michael Leeston-Smith

The TARDIS is taken to Troy.

The plot is progressing nicely, and the story continues to be fun. Everyone seems to be having a ball with their parts. And Vicki starts to get something to do.


"Now don't be frightened, child. You shall die when I say so, and not a moment before." - Max Adrian (King Priam, trying to comfort Vicki)

3.08 The Myth Makers Pt. 3 - Death of a Spy Written by Donald Cotton, Directed by Michael Leeston-Smith

The Doctor comes up with a plan to invade Troy.

More of a set-up episode for the finale, but still entertaining.


"I'm afraid we must face up to it, Odysseus. Man was never meant to fly." - William Hartnell (Doctor Who)

3.09 The Myth Makers Pt. 4 - Horse of Destruction Written by Donald Cotton, Directed by Michael Leeston-Smith

The Great Horse is brought into the city, and history takes it's course.

Not a bad final episode, though for the invasion of Troy, it feels as though not a lot happens. But then again, it's only on audio so hard to tell how things were handled.


"This is not Troy. This is not even the world. This is the journey through the beyond." - Adrienne Hill (Katarina)

The Myth Makers 7.25

For the most part Myth Makers is a highly enjoyable story, filled with wonderfully written characters. The portrayal of most of the Greeks and Trojans being over the whole ten year war is handled with a good sense of humour - they've gone beyond anger and through into boredom and tiredness.

The only member of the guest cast not to get any humour is Cassandra. Doomsaying her way through the story, naturally no-one listens.

The main cast are kept reasonably busy, except for poor old Steven who gets put out of the way. The Doctor has some fun, but in some ways this is Vicki's story. Which is odd as she gets nothing to do in the first episode.

Once she enters the action however, Vicki gets to move things along, and her romance with Troilus is established from very early on. That said, her leaving is handled oddly. She obviously says goodbye to the Doctor, but we never get to see it, and when it's explained by the Doctor what has happened to Vicki, he's too busy to reflect on it for more than a few moments. It's one of the aspects of the final episode that feels a bit wrong, though knowing Hartnell, the loss was writ large on his face.

In some ways, with the sheer fun of the earlier parts, the last episode feels a bit unsatisfying overall. It's not bad, but it's a hell of an about face on the previous episodes in terms of tone. But then again, it's about the destruction of a city, so it'd be hard and inappropriate to the story to fill the episode with the level of humour present earlier.

[User Picture]From: angriest
2011-02-09 10:14 pm (UTC)
I just don't quite fit the groove of The Mythmakers - for some reason it just never quite appeals to me. Mind you, it's good they bring a bit of humour to the show - there aren't many laughs to be found for the next four months...
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[User Picture]From: dalekboy
2011-02-10 08:40 am (UTC)
It's another of those stories I approached half-dreading, then found myself enjoying. It's like there are stories that, even though we've seen (or heard) them, we expect not to like them, and so keep our distance.

But yes, John Wiles brought a much darker sensibility to the show over his brief run as producer.
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