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Container Puzzle

So yesterday I, with a little help from Sharon (she's sitting right beside me, so I have to say that), emptied out the shipping container, put down and rearranged the flooring, and put everything back.

But this time I got to use my l33t packing and organising skills to refill the container. This means I can now easily access around 98% of what is in there now, as opposed to around 60% before. And this means that, on days where it's not hot enough to melt your knicker elastic while you're working, I can actually do some proper sorting and disposal, and start unpacking and sorting my stock. Hooray!

Not only that, but I've left enough room for our kitchen table to go in, when we swap that for another table that Sharon's mum is thinking about bringing up from Melbourne.

It's nice to have it to the point where it's a mostly usable space.

In total, I worked for around 8 hours solid in 30 degree heat, carrying boxes in and out, arranging things, moving shelves... but it's done. Of course today I'm suffering - very tired, a little sore, and a very, very light sunburn.

Next to attack the shed!
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