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Christmas Pics (and stuff)

Nothing special, just some pics from the last couple of days. I've been coming down with 'flu this week, and it's seemed to peak over yesterday and today, so kinda wrecked. Means I didn't get to wander the neighbourhood last night in my Father Christmas outfit - was just too darned sick.

For those of you who don't know what I look like as Santa, just check my icon, that's me. The other week Sharon brought the kids into where I was working for a photo and Lex totally failed to recognise me.

Oh, and the staff were brilliant! Amanda was totally wonderful to me, and I'd be happy to end up there again next year. And while my only present under our tree this year was from the aforementioned Amanda (a scrapbook to hold all the letters and stuff the kids give me when I'm playing St. Nick), I have just received a tonne of SMSes from all sorts of people. They were sent right through the day, but all arrived together.

Sorry I haven't written to anyone, between 'flu and kid wrangling today, it just hasn't happened. Nothing personal, just feeling blah and tired.

However, I have managed sort some pics

Wrapping Presents_0001
I got Lex to help wrap presents

Wrapping Presents_0007
Wrapping frenzy!

Wrapping Presents_0011
This tape... it's sticky...

Wrapping Presents_0034
Lex with his first wrapped present. This looks almost as if it should be a mug shot.

Christmas 2010_0005
Christmas morning, and Lex unwraps his Doctor Who doona and pillow-case set.

Christmas 2010_0045
Lex unwrapping his CD player. He loves music, so a cheap player was ideal. Also got him some cheap classical music CDs from Aldi - he's very happy. And was overjoyed that the player was pink - his favourite colour.

Christmas 2010_0048
'My new CD player and me - too butch?'

Christmas 2010_0060
The CD player got well-used today, and tonight.

Of course, MaybeZoe being a little girl, I got her a soft toy.

Christmas 2010_0011
'Where's my toy, daddy?'

Christmas 2010_0066
'I think it wants to be friends with me!'

Christmas 2010_0070
Best toy ever!

For the record, Lex chose MaybeZoe's clothes for the day, hence her being in head to toe pink!

Anyway, I hope you all know I'm thinking of you, and hope each and every one of you has had an awesome Dec 25th!
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