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Because some things are unkillable...

It's starting to seem like every few years I'll have a panic about my car, only to find that no, the universe likes my car, and just wants to keep testing my love for it.

Last few weeks, I've been doing the running around just getting a couple of prices on fixing it up so it's legally drive-able in NSW. Got a quote in Canberra on fixing up the structural rust - the stuff I was really concerned about as being super expensive. It was a quarter what I'd imagined, and still half what I'd hoped for. Then I got a quote in Cooma, which was almost an eighth my original figure.

And that's kind of what I've suddenly discovered - if you want your old car fixed up at very reasonable prices, get it done in Cooma. The quotes for the upholstery and basic mechanical work are also really reasonable. My four weekends of Santa work, for three hours each of the days, will pay for most of it.

But the best thing? If I wanted to I could use the money we'd already budgeted for yearly basic car maintenance, and we'd still have over half of it left.

So my eventual goal of letting MaybeZoe tool around in my car in 20 years time is still on!
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