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Pictures of the kids [Nov. 25th, 2010|09:14 pm]
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As mentioned, lots of folks are having a bad time at the mo', hell, I've spent a chunk of the day in bed wishing I could sleep and being generally down and uncommunicative.

So for those of you who are cheered by such things, I present photos of the kids.

Red Nose_002

Lex Black mountain_006

Nils Visit_0008


Lex Lake_0009

Lex holds Zoe_0027

Lex cud0001

Cunning Hat_0015

Zoe Hiding_0004

Lex Glasses_0002

Lex Zoe_0003


From: ddpm
2010-11-27 12:36 am (UTC)
your kids are wonderful, very cute. I'm sory about your mum.
I just spent all day with dad yesterday. I'm tried doctors never they can do, just let nature take its course- Dad might have few days or week or months or few years because of his strong organs-Just wish it end for him.
look after your self, just watch your kids grow into great people.
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