dalekboy (dalekboy) wrote,

Not My Year For Weddings

Since I briefly have access to an internet.

House stuff is happening, but things have blown out time-wise in predictably unpredictable ways. I've been working hard trying to get the house ready for us to move in, and struggling with depression because I'm having to spend so much time away from my wife and kids, but Sharon has been amazing. She's been down on herself for leaving me with a bunch of work to do on the old house, but the sheer amount she'd managed to do while looking after both kids was pretty impressive.

Even so, there's a lot to be done, and I'll be doing it alone, since if she were to try and help, she'd spend all her time Lex wrangling anyway. So my original plan to have a leisurely drive down to Melbourne, catch up with a bunch of friends this weekend, go to the wedding & reception Monday, and take two days to drive back - have mostly gone down the gurgler.

After driving down madly today, after doing a load from Canberra, I will get to the wedding, but seriously can't even afford the extra few hours for the reception, not if I'm going to get everything else done.

On the plus side, out of the three weddings that have happened this year that I wanted to attend, I will at least actually get to this one. Hell, I would have been trying to get to this one if it meant getting my iron lung airlifted down.

But yes, the house stuff has had Sharon and I running on fumes for the last few weeks. We're run ragged, but the end is in sight. Part of the problem has been that we've both been so utterly run down that it's just not possible for us to work on things effectively, which just means that the workload increases as more and more doesn't get done well, or quickly.

And 87% of the time, Lex is being demanding at best, if not horrible. Part of this is major developmental shift (my goodness he's learning fast!), and part is likely down to the seriously reduced amount of attention he's been getting as we scramble to get things done. Hopefully there will be some small improvement once the house stuff is over. If nothing else, we'll at least have more energy to deal with him.

And I've been having stress-related nightmares. This is a rarity previously usually only encountered when I was heavily involved in the running of a convention, but the house has brought them out as a nightly event to add to my sleep deprivation. Last night's was about the 50 or so shipping containers worth of Doctor who stock, that I was floating via balloons to their new location, breaking loose of their tethers and me watching helplessly as the drifted all over the place.

Fun times!

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