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Touching Base

Taking a 3-tonne van's worth of stuff to Cooma later today. I've got it pretty chockers.

Amongst other things I found the box of my old Australian Science Fiction Media Awards that hadn't been unpacked from the move to Canberra. Good thing too, those huge wood and cut-glass bastards are beautiful but lethal. Touching them and coming away intact is an achievement in and of itself. Suspect they will stay packed away for a long time to come. Never been one to display or show off my awards (except for my Silver Swan, which still makes me cry when I think about for more than a few seconds), and given I'd like my children to not be slashed to death by an award I won for a video, they can stay packed for several more years.

A chunk of the stuff is my Doctor Who stock, which takes up a lot of volume. Another thing that takes up a lot of volume is my collection of Doctor Who novelisations, original fiction, making ofs, tie-ins, and factual books. Given I don't really collect the Virgin or BBC books, (I have some, but not many) it's surprising to end up with seven, well-packed book-boxes. And yes, I could get rid of the Doctor Who Cook Book, but... no I couldn't. I love it precisely because it is so absolutely crap. Same with the old Doctor Who Annuals. Actually the new annuals are kind of crap too.

I've moved over 40 boxes of books to the house already, not counting the DW stuff.

Looks like I'll be Santa-ing weekends again for the Entertainment Store in Canberra. They really are an awesome company to work for. The Santa stuff is hard work, and they do a good job of looking after us. May be calling on friends so that I can stay the Saturday nights, rather than driving back to Cooma every day. It's not a hard drive, but the work is physically and mentally draining, and staying would be a good chance to catch up.

MaybeZoe smiles occasionally now, making things that bit nicer. She's pretty low maintenance compared to the way Lex was at her age - no colic for a start - and while she tends to get unsettled in the evenings, once she's asleep, she sleeps through the night. Much better than the months of sitting up till 4am with a screaming baby we had with Lex.

Thank you to everyone who sent photos. Love seeing you all, some for the first time. Even just thinking about them plasters a big smile on my face, and there's still more coming in dribs and drabs.

Still have a chunk of painting to do at the house. Had several interruptions to getting there, so about to do four or five days in a row to try and get things finished. No internet, and dodgy mobile reception, so if you want me, ring on the house phone. I can get text messages, but some will only come through once I shut down and restart my phone, so ringing is best.

Anyway, back to the packing!
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