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Photo Request

Been having a rough time, recently. The trips to Cooma are tiring - the work there, the packing here, doing all the loading and unloading on my own, and so on. But the spending of so much time away from my kids seems to be seriously hitting my depression buttons.

I think the clearest sign of this is the fact that, while rewatching season 4 of the 2005 Doctor Who, almost every episode has made me cry. Hell I rewatched Voyage of the Damned and that made me cry every time someone died!

On top of that, we're seriously talking about the need to have Kal put down. He's healthy enough physically but his mental deterioration is getting worse. He's become so skittish and jumpy about everything, and in the last few years has started to be very angry and bitey every time he's handled. So he doesn't seem to be terribly happy, and there's the constant concern that he'll bite Lex. And in actual fact, I don't mind if he does bite Lex, if Lex is mishandling him or anything, but I don't necessarily trust it to be a single nip, given his current demeanour.

So there's the serious consideration to making one of the first acts of moving into our new house putting my dog down.

And today I had a tooth removed. They didn't have to saw the jaw this time, but they did have to cut my gum a bit. So I'm very sore and headachey.

So, the request...

Can I have a photo, please?

I was going to make this request on my birthday but things got so busy it didn't happen. I'm blessed to have wonderful friends, I love my friends, and love seeing them, and in the absence of face to face visits and such, a photo is the next best thing. I'd SMSed someone asking for a picture, then thought stuff it, I'd throw it open.

Would prefer recent, but old shots are fine. Happy snaps, arty shots, silly, serious, something taken quickly with a phone camera, anything will do.

If we don't know each other terribly well, but you're tempted to send a piccie, go for it. And i know some of my family read my LJ, so you can send a piccie or two, too :)

Photos can be sent to my email, or to here. I've screened comments here, and will only unscreen a photo if you specifically say I can.

I won't promise to reply to everyone, because I'm so stupidly busy. But rest assured, your photo will be appreciated. Thank you.

And now, I think a little nap is in order...
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