dalekboy (dalekboy) wrote,

My last day of being 42!

I'm probably going to wake up in our new house on my birthday, as I suspect I won't feel up to driving home after unloading the car tonight. I'd much rather wake up here but I didn't get a load of stuff done yesterday, and if I don't do a load tonight, my next chance is Thursday.

But on the bright side, I'll get a bit done tonight and tomorrow morning, then head home. So even if I don't get to do anything else on my birthday, I'll feel I've achieved something, yay!

Plus I'll be taking the laptop with me so I can watch something, or maybe listen to The Highlanders or one of the many podcasts I'm catching up on. I'll be dropping into the video library tonight to say hello and see how the films I lent them before the Melbourne trip have been received. Who knows, I may even hire something!

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