dalekboy (dalekboy) wrote,

Aussiecon Day 1 - pics

Well, at the time of writing I have seen a total of 2 and a half hours of the convention. Lex has been horrible, which has limited things a bit. However the convention has been coming to see us. People have been making the time to come and hang with us in our room, which is lovely. We are really grateful to everyone who has made the time to drop by and say hi. Thank you.

And now some photos. These aren't up to my usual standard, basically they are just happy snaps of our visitors. I've even used the dreaded flash on my camera. Speaking of dreaded flashing, in my last post I was asked how one flashes a city, so I have included a NSFW photo.

Come take a bite of this meat pie, Melbourne!

Lex with his first con badge. he's been to cons, just never had a badge.

Proof that I got to a panel. It was one that revolved around some stuff that I had planned to talk about later in the con.

Craig Hilton did this wonderful piccie of me. Sorry about the size, forgot to resize and am posting this in my spare 30 seconds before Lex demands my time again.

Julia came to visit, yay!

Lex played lots of peek-a-boo with our guest.

Then Grant came to visit. He had to suddenly dash off before I could take a photo, but he looked pretty much exactly like this guy.

Julian dropped in, and was delightful.

Then The Goddess of Love and Emilly dropped in. Emilly may not be a Goddess officially, but she does officially rock.

The view from our room.

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