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Aussiecon 4 - quick thoughts 1

I got to flash a large chunk of the city of Melbourne this morning. So off to a good start.

Rego was quick and painless, yay!

Lex has been overtired (spent well over two hours trying to get him to sleep last night) and so a bit horrible. But that's to be expected with where he's at. Means I will probably see very little of the con, but expected that too and am fine with it. Sunday is the day with the most on that I want to see, so allowances are going to be made, yay!

Wish to state for the record, I will be mentioning not being able to do as much due to Lex a lot. I am in no way complaining about my son in regards to this, he's totally worth missing a few panels. I'm mentioning it because people seem to be expecting me to do a lot more, and he's the reason it's not practical.

Special mention must go to mortonhall who deliberately didn't program me on much because she knew I'd have a lot to do with Lex. Thank you! The mark of a good programmer is taking a person's limitations into account.

That said, hoping to get to party a bit in the evenings, once Sharon stops partying :)

Been asked a few times if I'm doing any Kaffeeklatsches. Odd. I've never even made it to one, so wouldn't know what to talk about. Plus I'm not a big author or editor or anything like that, so can't see there would be that much interest. But it's nice that people seem to think I;m the sort of [person who should be doing one. My publicity department deserves a raise.

Only a fan fund auction, no regular one, at least not that I can see, I may have missed it. My copy of the original The Day the Earth Stood Still with the cover signed by director Robert Wise will have to wait for another convention.

Lots of people complaining about no map of the conference centre. How can cons still be making this error? I only rarely hear people compliment a convention for including a map, but I always hear complaints when there isn't one. Doesn't matter how straight forward a venue is, maps are a must!

Boxcutters panel, FUCK YEAH!

People keep asking me if I can just find time to do one more thing. Given that I have five things I have to do, and only have eleven other items in the entire five day program that I hope to get to to watch (I'm being realistic), and I doubt I will get to more than half those with the Lex-minding duties, it's getting a bit tired. If I had that much time, I'd be going to much more of the program, and would also be quite willing to help you out. As it stands, you may have to do without me.

Of the things I have to do, I have two clashes. Not the fault of programming. One clash caused by needing to be at at least a small bit of the Natcon meeting, and the other is totally nothing to do with Masquerade rehearsal. Nope.

Very good to see some old friends. Makes me very happy.

Lex is asleep and Sharon is here, so now off to give Justin Ackroyd money, as are half the fans of Melbourne.

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