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Dad and Kids photo post

I could be answering emails, but screw it.

Apart from MaybeZoe being born, haven't done a photo post in a while, and someone said not so long ago that they'd like to see some photos of me with Lex, so below the cut are pictures of the kids and I, in chronological order.

Warning, contains one shower shot that should be completely safe anywhere, but just in case, consider yourself warned.

Lex recieving his first toy TARDIS. I got it for him to stop him trying to play with mine. Don't believe the lies, the TARDIS is not indestructable.

Lex and I in the shower, plotting. I've spared you all the full length shots, because let's face it, you don't want to see my meat-and-three-veg. Worryingly, Lex only has two veg, but the doctors seemed to think that was enough, so I'm sure he'll learn to live with it.

Lex and I with the two-day old MaybeZoe.

Lex had put up a huge struggle about going down for his nap. He fought, he screamed! He was not tired! Once things were quiet, I peaked in and nearly woke him with my laughter.

After heavy rain, the lake sometimes overflows the path. I knew Lex would be fascinated by this. This was taken when he had finally decided that he could let go of my hand.

MaybeZoe asleep, and the first recorded instance of my mocking her. There are bound to be many more.

Lex asks to hold MaybeZoe pretty much every day. Today I photographed them together.
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