dalekboy (dalekboy) wrote,

Still no baby

She was due today, and is still not here. This has allowed us to catch up on a couple of things that we were behind on, now we are only behind on 4,507,291 things.

This would also appear to really be the year for everyone to have babies. Congratulations to those that have, and those that are still waiting. Shame there's no child-minding set up for the WorldCon.

Paperwork has been sent off for the mortgage, now we wait.

I know some folks are waiting for photo updates of Lex and myself... keep waiting, they'll get here eventually.

I have lost email again. Repairs are underway. As previously stated however, if you have anything that needs an answer in under a week or five, ring. Seriously. I'm this far behind and the baby isn't here yet! Hell, I've barely glanced at the last two Doctor Who magazines!

My old and ever faithful Canon Powershot has finally died. It was a good little camera and survived through many dusty, sandy, and wet environments.

I now have the two Kirk Alyn Superman serials to show Lex. The two old Batman ones will have to wait until I have money, or Lex is working.

Been having sex dreams all week. I suspect my subconscious is trying to make up for the fact that soon I'll have two children and no hope.

Sharon is doing fantastically well for a woman who is very pregnant indeed. But she will be glad to be rid of the small planet hidden in her belly. And she's very sick of the swollen ankles.

Oh, we raced out and saw Inception last night. It was good. That will likely be our last visit to the cinema for a fair while. Cooma has one cinema, open three days a week. That, combined with two children under two, does not bode well for frequent cinema trips.
Tags: slice of life

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