dalekboy (dalekboy) wrote,

Yes I am busy

so so so sosososo busy, and I have little to show for it. But on the plus side, things should improve once we have a newborn in the house as well.

I shall likely become slightly more busy when I get email working again *grumble*

Bernadette, my biological mum is visiting so she can be onhand to help mum with Lex while Sharon's in hospital pumping out nipper #2. Bern and mum are getting on really well, and she's yet another guest who is really good & low maintenance. We've had a very lucky couple of months, but this is particularly lucky as this is far and away the most time my birth-mum and I have spent around each other. Would have been a shame if I'd wanted to strangle her on the second day.

In other good news, I just looked at the net for the first time in a couple of days and saw this link on Hespa's LJ - it's times like this that I really, really love fans. I wonder if we could get large groups of cosplaying fans to protest at everything these mongrels attend?

My favourite sign - Is this thing on?
Tags: slice of life

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