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May I Tweet at you? [Jul. 13th, 2010|06:01 am]

07:35 I can't help but wonder if vampires have become the new unicorns #

07:36 It used to seem that every other teen girl was fascinated by unicorns, now they want a pet vampire. #

07:52 (1) I think I'll have to ban people from telling me they are huge vampire fans until they have seen the following... #

07:53 (2) Nosferatu (1922), Dracula (1931), Dracula (Spanish Version) (1931), Horror of Dracula (1958), The Fearless Vampire Killers (1967) #

07:53 (3) Martin (1977), Salem's Lot (1979), The Hunger (1983), The Lost Boys (1987), Near Dark (1987), Bram Stoker's Dracula (1993) Cronos (1993) #

07:54 (4) Basically if you've only seen vampire films made in the last five years, don't tell me how much you love the genre #

07:55 (5) Between DVD, cable TV, and torrents, there's really no excuse. #

07:55 (6) Why yes, I am a grumpy, pedantic old fuck. #

08:18 thinks he should have been a real bastard and put London After Midnight (1927) on the must see list. #

09:32 wonders how many Twilight fans there would be if Edward's looks were modelled on Max Schreck's Count Orlok? #

09:37 will so be putting up posters of Count Orlok in my daughter's bedroom #TeenHeartThrobs #

10:59 I have bought many DVDs at bargain prices. Now to catalogue & pack them for the upcoming shift. #HappyWorker #

11:03 Bought more TV series than intended, but all good. West Wing, Sarah Connor Chronicles, Fraggle Rock, STTOS, DS9, Persuaders... #

11:05 Would have picked up Battlestar Galactica, but Blu-Ray version with tonnes of extras doesn't seem to have a copy of The Plan #WTF? #

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From: (Anonymous)
2010-07-12 11:52 pm (UTC)
[GregT] Also, I'm a pretty die-hard Stephen King fan, and even I regard both the book and movie of Salem's Lot as completely missable.
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