dalekboy (dalekboy) wrote,

May I Tweet at you?

11:25 Each time I see something written about #TrueBlood & why I should watch it, I find more & more I don't want to. #

17:52 As tends to happen when I'm in lots of pain, I'm being all emotional & needing hugs & affection or, failing that, pizza! #

18:06 Other shows I didn't warm to - Warehouse13. Partway into season 1 I just felt it was trying way too hard to be quirky & odd. Will try again. #

18:10 In other news, I'm noticing a huge #DoctorWho vacuum in my life since season 5 ended. It's nice to miss the show again. #

18:19 Why yes, I have become old, pedantic, and picky... why do you ask? #

18:21 Why yes, I can tell you all that is wrong with your favourite TV show, and how to make it heaps better. #FailedWriter :) #

18:34 Now to arrange pizza... garlic pizza. But should I eat it, or just roll around in it? Answers on a postcard! #

19:04 There's a #Torchwood comic?! #

20:36 That is a farkin' huge ship! Yes, I'm watching the other half of #Cleopatra #

20:56 Jean Marsh! A small part but she is just awesome as always! #Cleopatra #

21:20 One big ship wasn't enough, let's build another three. #Cleopatra #

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