dalekboy (dalekboy) wrote,

May I Tweet at you?

08:26 I'm awake. I don't wish to be. I blame you. Bad you. Baaaaaad you! #

14:26 And then Danny went thunk, physically and emotionally. #

14:42 Normally in this state I would want hugs, but I'm going to go straight past that & aim for long cuddles, I think. #

15:17 Lex is wandering about with a tea towel covering his head. I find this very endearing, but then I'm biased. #smalljoys #

15:19 Lex just deliberately head-butted me in the crotch. I find this less endearing for some reason. #ow #

15:23 Anyone wishing to kiss my damaged crotch better maybe apply through the usual circles. #

16:15 Given some folks call me "The Cockfather," a padded codpiece could lead to even more female disappointment. #

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