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More Sold Out Reviews

I actually found this review for Doctor Who Short Trips - A Day in the Life, a while back. It is so damning of my work, it's actually kind of funny. Here's the review, minus one or two bits -

First up is ‘Sold Out’ by Danny Oz, and unfortunately it’s not a promising start to the collection. I’ve read some ridiculous Doctor Who stories in my time but this one takes the biscuit: Cut for far too much spoilerage Now with such a ridiculous remise for a story you’d have to presume this is going to be a comedy, but I couldn’t find a single amusing line in the story – god help me but I think the author might actually be trying to tell a serious story here. In his story Danny Oz has his rock star take a few traditional jabs at the expense of music critics, but I think the author may well need to reserve a few brickbats for any literary critics who read this, as it is truly awful. Seriously – one of the most inept Doctor Who stories I’ve ever read.

Yay! :)

For the record, if you wish to read the full review, it's here. But basically I just cut the spoilers, all the good stuff is in the section I've quoted. I have only one issue with Lawrence Conquest in his review of my story and it's this - he tells anyone reading the review virtually all the twists and turns, and how bad he thinks they are. For anyone who reads the story, there are no surprises left. Not only that, but they've already been told that these bits of the story are garbage.

This hurts because it's so very unfair. The readers deserve the opportunity to discover how abysmal my work is for themselves! Mr. Conquest has cheated them of the chance! Greedy man. Bet he went around before Revenge of the Sith telling everyone the Anakin would become Darth Vader too, the rotter!

George Ivanoff did a no nonsense review - Entertaining short story collection based around the TV series Doctor Who... but only for fans! A mixed bag. Highlights were "Sold Out" by Danny Oz, "The Heroine, the Hero and the Megalomaniac" by Ian Mond and "Waiting for Jeremy" by Richard Salter.

Thanks George. I wouldn't have put my story as one of the highlights, but hey, that's me. Glad you liked it. Mondy's story is great and Salter's is lovely.

On a nice note, I'll go back to Mr. Conquest for the second last word. Here are his thoughts on mondyboy's story...
‘The Heroine, the Hero and the Megalomaniac’ by Ian Mond finds two incarnations of the Doctor on the trail of a powerful artefact. The actual story of the Doctor’s defeat of a stereotypical preening megalomaniac isn’t particularly interesting, but what makes this story enjoyable is both it’s non-linear construction and the personality clash between the cold manipulative ‘Times Champion’-era 7th Doctor, and the more carefree 8th Doctor, here at the point in his life when he is still in denial that his rescuing of Charley has endangered the Web of Time.

No major spoilers, and he actually appreciated some of the work Mondy put into the structure of the tale. There's hope for the guy yet!
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