dalekboy (dalekboy) wrote,

May I Tweet at you?

09:08 Maybe I'm tired, or pain is wearing down my patience, but the people who always moan on LJ are really shitting me today. #

09:09 Meanwhile, I've just been laughed at by every member of the household in turn, & I'm not even naked! #

09:13 Maybe I need a new LJ filter called "whingeing fucks." That might just give them something real to whine about. #

09:14 On the plus side, it's a gorgeous day in Canberra, & it's about to get even more lovely as I venture out into it! #

09:20 Off to the airport to pick up strange, beautiful women! #

22:55 Just so you know, in a few decades time the first Australian actor to play Doctor Who will be Joshua Ethan Mond. #

22:58 Discovered yesterday that my standard type of greeting to folks ("Hi spunky/gorgeous/etc.) feels really nice to receive. #

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