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Movies for 2010 - Part 12

Longish list below the cut 87 films watched so far this year. 57 were produced post 2000, and nearly a quarter of all the films watched happened to be horror.

3rd May
Charlie and Boots

4th May
Iron Man

5th May
The Raven

6th May
Terminator: Salvation

9th May
Action in the North Atlantic

10th May
Kingdom of Heaven

12th May
Inconvenient Truth

16th May
War Wolves

17th May
The Other Side

20th May
Finding Nemo

23rd May
Batman - Mystery of the Batwoman

30th May
Iron Man 2

31st May
Sin City

5th June

Charlie and Boots was a reasonable little roadtrip comedy. Not too in your face, had a reasonable script and acting.

Terminator: Salvation - they killed Sarah Connor Chronicles for this?! WTF?! Seriously, WTF?! Would have been a better film if the main twist hadn't been placed squarely in every single trailer I saw, but still not that good. The ending doesn't work on multiple levels and even if they'd kept the original 'good Terminator kills everyone including John Connor in the last two minutes' ending, it still wouldn't have been good or interesting.

Action in the North Atlantic - good little war movie, set on a cargo supply ship.

Kingdom of Heaven - Quite good.

War Wolves & The Other Side were almost the right sort of crappy, but not quite. Both have inspired moments, but mostly they are a little less than you'd hope for.

Iron Man 2 was fun. No more, no less.

Sin City - is was nice the see the opening ten minutes at last. Great little flick, and true to the comics.

300 - Good, like how stylised the visuals were, though quickly got over the murky brown sheen.

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