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Long time no post

...well, unless you count my tweet reposted tweets, which I do... sort of... a bit. If my tweets weren't appearing here chances are you wouldn't be getting anything from me, it's just been that kind of time -

- migraines
- toddler
- house-hunting
- preparing for guests
- life throwing annoying and costly surprises at us
- packing in hope of moving some time this year
- etcetera
- etcetera
- and of course, etcetera

I've had many, many things I've wanted to write about, but if I have the brainspace I don't have the time, and if Lex gives me the time, I don't have the brain space. I've still been recording the films I'm watching, but taking the time to post them up hasn't been an option.

Anyway, so that's what's been happening. Will try to get another two posts up tonight.
Tags: slice of life

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