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May I Tweet at you? [Jun. 15th, 2010|06:00 am]

12:48 Sharon's mum has gone home. Was a good visit. #

12:50 I like visitors a lot, I like people, but I also always like it when they leave. Visitors always throw our routines out of whack. #

12:51 Or rather, we throw our routines out of whack when we have visitors, since most of our friends and family are very accommodating. #

12:54 Either way, routines and whack-throwing ensues. We have many visitors scheduled for the next couple of months, so best get used to it! #

12:55 Of course one of those visitors will never leave, as they will be our new child. #

12:56 Gotta say, Carol was great this weekend, but I couldn't wait for Lex to go home. Unfortunately, he was already there. Bugger! #

12:58 In other news, been researching local NSW ghost towns to visit. Some still have people living in them, but I'm sure I can fix that. #

13:01 Speaking of visitors, you need to come up and become one of the people I'm happy to see, and to see leave, at some point :) #

13:06 It's 90% certain next child is a girl, & I'm now hoping it's male just to fuck with all the people giving us pink stuff. #

14:23 If we get given too much pink stuff, I *will* be dyeing it black. #

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