dalekboy (dalekboy) wrote,

May I Tweet at you?

08:47 Schlarbi = Zarbi #LexHasaNewWord #DoctorWho #

10:35 I want Wil Wheaton's cake! - twitpic.com/1uvpgo #

12:00 James Cameron - underwater projects, private fleet of helicopters, huge technophile - 5 years until he's a Bond villain. #

13:20 Right, I have to go & make our library a place where 4 different guests can sleep over the next 2 months! #

16:56 2 boxes of stock packed, a whole bunch of books moved, all while listening to last night's @boxcutterscast - a good day. #

16:57 Now for some @paleocinema! #

17:56 Because I think it deserves another RT How do they get to be that way? - Roger Ebert's Journal: bit.ly/9Qz5T6 via @addthis #

22:57 I didn't realise how good Lex's diet is until I saw this article from '06 - tinyurl.com/2g237dp - what are people thinking?! #

22:59 It seems my accountant doesn't want to kill me after all. That's nice :) #

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