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May I Tweet at you? [Jun. 5th, 2010|06:00 am]

10:48 I have another cold, bastard! On the upside, Lex has been enjoying the toy TARDIS we gave him last night. #

10:53 Yesterday was a good day for mail - wedding invite, 2 #DrWho themed hand knitted face-washers for the kids, and my DVD copies of... #

10:54 ... Edge of Darkness & The Omega Man. Oh, & my latest issue of #DrWho magazine. #

10:58 Did you see the film? I'm looking forward to watching it to compare. #

11:11 Fact - I actually loan DVDs to the staff of the local video library so they have a chance to see classic films. #

11:14 Latest DVD loans to video library staff include - Deep Rising, (original) King Kong, and Lost in La Mancha. #

11:15 On a week by week basis, I loan the video library staff more DVDs than I borrow from the video library itself. #

11:28 I want to watch Transformers 2 so I can then watch Transformers 3, which has some of the most amazing WTF?! casting ever #

11:29 Transformers 3 had me from the line - Megan Fox isn't in it! #

11:39 RT @angriest Transformers 2 was like when I had my nipple pierced - painful, didn't want to watch it happen, and now I'm scarred for life. #

13:11 Watching 300 & having one of those, "Dad would have loved this," moments. Miss him more than ever even after 14 years. #

17:54 People who actively stir up internal politics are usually trying to fill the void caused by their own inadequacy. #

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