dalekboy (dalekboy) wrote,

May I Tweet at you?

15:06 Had to share bed with Lex. At one point he jumped up, turned 90 degrees, laid himself across my head & went back to sleep. #

15:07 Katie at Civic branch of Commonwealth Bank in Canberra - Ace customer service. #

15:10 Jasma at Civic branch of Bendigo Bank in Canberra was utterly fabulous. I gave her some tricky queries and she was very, very helpful. #

15:10 Most of the rest of my customer service today was at average levels. #

15:12 Actually, while I'm talking good customer service, Amanda at Fiske & Nagle in Cooma is fabulous. Craig from Boller is awesome, and Howard... #

15:13 ... from Ray White is bloody good, too. #

15:16 Don, Raine & Horne in Cooma, started well, then made it clear I was a time waster for not bringing Sharon with me. Haven't been back there. #

15:17 This ends Danny reviews for today. Tomorrow I'll talk blowjobs - where will *you* rate? #

15:49 Amote - What Lex calls the remotes in our house #LexHasaNewWord #

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