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Dandenong Market

Well, each of the two days of Santa-ing at Dandenong Market have left me totally knackered. The warmer suit combined with a job where I pretty much walk around for three and a half hours mean I'm hitting the sack around nine-thirty every night. I've taken the outside sheds, Bob has the inside. He's an old guy with bad legs, so keeping him out of the direct sun seemed the best thing to do. Though it also means that I have the bigger, and in some ways more interesting, area to wander.

Stall-holders at Dandenong seem generally less grasping and greedy when compared to some of the folks at Preston last year. There are still those who are demanding stuff, but there seems to be less of them and they seem less pushy and unpleasant than the Preston folks. Don't get me wrong, there were some lovely and very generous folks at Preston, but they were very much in the minority. At Dandenong it's probably about even.

Couple of highlights from the last day or so. James the busker. Every time I passed him he started singing Chrissy songs. As they were ones I knew, I'd sing with him. It was great fun. My favourite was singing with James and having a little girl dancing away in front of us.

And the other fav was the old woman that came up and asked if I could pose with her for her husband, who had some sort of video camera. She said they were Dutch, holidaying down here. I mentioned that she'd know me better as Sinterklaas and she paused for a moment, decoding my awful pronunciation, then broke into a huge grin. Then I waved to the hubby at the camera, shrugged my shoulders and said I didn't know where Black Pete was. I watched his realisation and joy that I knew a little about the Dutch Chrissy tradition, albeit in a basic sense, and got a big happy smile.

Have I said how much I love this job?

I'm still tired today and I have to drive to today's job in costume because there's nowhere for me to change at the venue. So that will be tiring, however on the plus side, Father Christmas will be tooling around Melbourne in a 1970 Holden with TYPE 40 on the number plates.

How cool is that?
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