dalekboy (dalekboy) wrote,

May I Tweet at you?

08:31 Since electing Obama, the US has worked hard to convince the world that it's still batshit crazy is.gd/cgDFA #

10:18 Funny, I don't remember ordering screaming headache... #

10:27 I can handle the migraine, it's the way my skin becomes hyper-sensitive & hurts if anything touches it that I hate. #

23:18 I have no car until at least Monday. I can't go to Cooma this weekend... *does happy dance* #

23:19 Nemo #LexHasaNewWord #

23:24 In less happy news, I think I'm in for a run of migraines. Been a long while since this last happened, but would explain recent weeks. #

23:27 "Sometimes texting 'Cock!' just doesn't say enough, and you have to write something more.' #ThingsNotSaidOftenEnough #

23:31 #ThankYouScience for effective pain medication to relieve my migraines, reducing my chances of another related stroke. #

23:32 Don't hate me because I'm beautiful. Hate me because my car seat covers are made of baby seal fur. #

23:36 #bandswhoaredrwhoepisodes Adam and The Ants - a sequel to The Web Planet. #

23:37 #bandswhoaredrwhoepisodes KLF - The Doctor comes up against the deadly Kaled Liberation Front. #

23:48 #bandswhoaredrwhoepisodes - Billy Thorpe and The Aztecs - Dr. must save a man accidentally transported to Aztec times. #

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