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May I Tweet at you? [May. 18th, 2010|06:02 am]

08:29 Jensen Ackles & Danneel Harris Wed bit.ly/aRlg0f "This is the first marriage for both." Implying others are expected? #

12:17 tinyurl.com/23c72z4 - my take? Amazing dance routine, but really don't think the costumes are appropriate for girls that young. #

21:23 Rachel does it too, and I think she's a bucket of awesome sauce as well. #

21:24 I will have to spend chunks of time in my hotel room looking after toddler or baby. You will be welcome there :) #

21:26 We're in the expensive rooms with big windows. If we get bored, we can press ham at Melbourne! #

21:33 Was it the hanging together, or getting pressing our bottoms against cool glass that did it? #

21:48 I have no language skill left for the evening, obviously. Be prepared for my tweets to custard less sense than zebra. #

21:52 #ThankYouScience for artificial lighting, so I can see in the dark without needing to make fire #

21:54 #ThankYouScience for wind-up torches and radios. #

21:55 #ThankYouScience for artificial hearts #

22:24 tears self away from internet's siren song so he can go to bed - g'night, my dears! #

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