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May I Tweet at you? [May. 13th, 2010|06:03 am]

07:58 Oh give me a break! Did a final check of the tax stuff I need to send off, and somehow all the entries have lost their dates! #

13:02 Don't hate me because I'm beautiful. Hate me because in reality I, a 42yo man, am Emma the Amish model. #

13:03 Had a bad start to the day, but big smiles from my son made it a lot better. Of since then he's been a right little $#@% #

17:01 #ThankYouJesus for dying on the cross just so we could have chocolate eggs and hot cross buns #

17:02 #ThankYouJesus for all those fundamental Americans - they make the rest of us feel so much better about ourselves. #

17:04 #ThankYouJesus for the postcard, glad the weather is good. #

18:12 #ThankYouJesus for the DVD. I love Eraserhead! #

20:44 #ThankYouJesus for the pony. #

23:24 #ThankYouGod for evolution, a far more interesting & clever self-sustaining system than just making everything in one go #

23:25 #ThankYouGod for physics, without which the universe wouldn't work. #

23:27 #ThankYouGod for creating evolution, DNA, heredity, and all the other things that mean I'm so very pretty. #

23:34 #ThankYouGod for arranging to have your son killed. That was really thoughtful of you. #

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