dalekboy (dalekboy) wrote,

May I Tweet at you?

09:27 People with albinism are being killed for the 'magical' properties of their body parts in Tanzania & Burundi #HowToMakeMeMad #

10:53 Getting all our CDs dumped onto the computer and packed into boxes so that, when we buy a house, they're already boxed. #ForwardPlanning #

13:41 Okay, how did my piece on #DoctorWho 'The Tenth Planet' end up being 1800 words? #

13:45 Because I hate this error - the hands of '10th Planet' #Cybermen are silver/grey, not flesh-toned. #MyGeekBallsAreBigger, #

13:47 Also, the big cabinets in the console room of Hartnell era #DoctorWho, the glass is blue. #MyGeekBallsAreBigger #

13:56 Peter Cushing, as Grand Moff Tarkin in #StarWars, is reported to have smelt faintly of lavender. #MyGeekBallsAreBigger #

14:12 The T-Rex roar in Jurassic Park features many animal sounds, including that of a penguin. #MyGeekBallsAreBigger #

14:13 Slightly better known one - The actual Police Boxes the TARDIS is based on, were made of concrete. #MyGeekBallsAreBigger #

20:26 Link to my review of the Hartnell #DoctorWho story Galaxy Four - tinyurl.com/2b7w5f8 #

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