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May I Tweet at you? [May. 8th, 2010|06:00 am]

20:09 When your child gets his rubber ball stuck in a cup, SCIENCE will help you get it out! #

23:29 As #Supernatural nears the end of its 5th season, I'm wishing it hadn't been given a 6th. Be a shame if the extra year sucked. #

23:42 Am always surprised & humbled when suggested for #FollowFriday. Then I strip naked & think about how lucky my wife is. #

00:16 No matter how bad or good my mood, you leave me feeling happier with even the briefest contact. #ThingsNotSaidOftenEnough #

00:18 You have all the original series of #DoctorWho on video, DVD, & CD? That's so awesome! #ThingsNotSaidOftenEnough #

00:21 How can I help? #ThingsNotSaidOftenEnough #

00:25 The internet = more people reading & writing than ever before. It's a shame most don't know basic grammar or spelling. #

00:28 I really liked George Lazenby as #JamesBond. #ThingsNotSaidOftenEnough #

00:34 Sometimes bad stuff happens and no-one is to blame. May as well suck it up and deal with it. #ThingsNotSaidOftenEnough #

00:42 There are differences between the genders you will never understand, no matter how much you read. #ThingsNotSaidOftenEnough #

00:46 Maybe if we passed a law that required the heads of companies to physically help with the clean-up, they'd be more careful. #

00:50 Astrology isn't science. There's only basic personality archetypes in a universe of random chance. #ThingsNotSaidOftenEnough #

00:52 That thing that you keep meaning to see a doctor about? You really should do it now. #ThingsNotSaidOftenEnough #

01:01 Registration is due on my car soon. I wonder if it's cheaper if you have the vehicle neutered? #

01:07 Daleks VS Klingons? Daleks will win every time. #ThingsNotSaidOftenEnough #

01:29 I keep seeing movement out the corners of my eyes. Either the *things* have come to get me, or I should go to bed. G'night! #

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