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May I Tweet at you? [May. 5th, 2010|06:01 am]

12:49 Apparently the fact that Claudia Karvan has a breast is newsworthy. #GrowTheHellUp #

12:59 Oh and Twitter is in danger of killing the #Logies in their current form. #HappyThoughts #

13:01 J. Depp faces down mugger - tinyurl.com/2fkus2v - for me the most important aspect of this story is the last line. #

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From: (Anonymous)
2010-05-05 04:07 am (UTC)
[GregT] Lazy journalism makes me angry more and more often these days. If your headline is "Johnny Depp accosts mugger", then your article should damn well describe Depp accosting a mugger, rather than Depp (apparently) politely inviting a mugger to leave and giving him some money. It also helps to have such information as, you know, "when", "where", "how" and "why". A more accurate headline would have been "Depp polite to unpleasant fan" or "Confused man doesn't mug fictional character".
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