dalekboy (dalekboy) wrote,

May I Tweet at you?

10:11 The best argument for having proper proofreaders over spell-checking programs - tinyurl.com/BlackP #

10:12 All I can think of now is Twilight Zone and "It's a cook book!" - tinyurl.com/BlackP #

10:23 Publishers - part of what the book buyer pays for is accurate spelling and grammar #ThingsNotSaidOftenEnough #

10:25 I truly value your friendship #ThingsNotSaidOftenEnough #

11:20 We should stretch people's perceptions, rather than catering to the lowest common denominator. #ThingsNotSaidOftenEnough #

11:23 Farms producing our food and milk will get priority over cities when it comes to water rationing. #ThingsNotSaidOftenEnough #

13:59 No, I'm happy just to cuddle #ThingsNotSaidOftenEnough #

15:34 Do farms need to change their ways? Yes. But they need help to make the transition, otherwise our food staples will all be imported. #

16:49 I'm happy with my penis just the way it is. #ThingsNotSaidOftenEnough #

16:51 Not everyone who does the right thing is good, & not everyone who does the wrong thing is evil. #ThingsNotSaidOftenEnough #

16:53 Live for the day, but plan for next week. #ThingsNotSaidOftenEnough #

17:03 Sita Sings the Blues Brothers #moviemashup #

17:14 Clockwork Orange County #moviemashup #

23:43 Let's just stop arguing and agree to disagree on this one. #ThingsNotSaidOftenEnough #

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