dalekboy (dalekboy) wrote,

May I Tweet at you?

15:36 Don't hate me because I'm beautiful. Hate me for shooting Bambi's mum. In my defence, I was aiming for Bambi. #

15:41 I'd like to stay friends, but won't be able to follow through on it. Best make it a clean break. #ThingsNotSaidOftenEnough #

16:22 I speed in my car because it makes me feel more manly & virile, in spite of my small penis. #ThingsNotSaidOftenEnough #

16:27 Actually, yes, that *does* make you a bad person. #ThingsNotSaidOftenEnough #

16:28 There is no need to shave your armpits, legs, or pubes. #ThingsNotSaidOftenEnough #

16:31 I understand that you just work here and my problem with your company is not actually your fault. #ThingsNotSaidOftenEnough #

16:33 You're not like a sibling to me, you're more the sort of person I want to have sex with forever. #ThingsNotSaidOftenEnough #

16:43 "You know I've had a stroke & look after a small child, so why are you giving me so much to do?" #ThingsIWishIHadSaidAtTheTime #

16:45 "Actually I was having a nice private conversation with my friend here, I'll talk to you later." #ThingsIWishIHadSaidAtTheTime #

16:49 Telling you I love you is more important than my discomfort at expressing strong emotion. #ThingsNotSaidOftenEnough #

16:54 "Stop making excuses, blaming others, & lying, & take responsibility for your actions!" #ThingsIWishIHadSaidAtTheTime #

16:58 Hi Danny, I'm film actress Jennifer Connelly, and I really need to have wild monkey sex with you. #ThingsNotSaidOftenEnough #

17:01 As your boss I'm supposed to set a good example. So, you were right, and I apologise. #ThingsNotSaidOftenEnough #

17:03 That big budget Hollywood film was worth the price of admission. #ThingsNotSaidOftenEnough #

17:07 Being an important person in your fandom does not give your hollow life substance. #ThingsNotSaidOftenEnough #

17:17 If you were really sorry, instead of doing the same thing repeatedly you'd change your behaviour . #ThingsNotSaidOftenEnough #

18:37 The opposing political party has a very good point, and we will support that idea. #ThingsNotSaidOftenEnough #

18:38 Rather than space out multiple releases of the same DVD, let's bring out all the versions at once. #ThingsNotSaidOftenEnough #

18:41 I don't care if you have a little weight on, you still look great. #ThingsNotSaidOftenEnough #

18:43 I really admire any woman who chooses to raise a child on her own. #ThingsNotSaidOftenEnough #

18:52 Actually that is a massive & inconsiderate imposition, so you'll just have to change your plans. #ThingsNotSaidOftenEnough #

22:47 Before we build these, do you think this Dalek redesign is actually necessary? #ThingsNotSaidOftenEnough #

22:49 Guys, I think these new Daleks we're building look a bit too much like sex toys. #ThingsNotSaidOftenEnough #

22:55 Does it strike you as a bad idea to use all the arable farmland for housing? #ThingsNotSaidOftenEnough #

23:04 RT If Your Single... braincell can't even manage very basic grammar. It should be "you're" as in "you are" #SnarkyDan #

23:24 I really like your - tweets, posts, blog - #ThingsNotSaidOftenEnough (I've had a couple of compliments today, so am fine) #

23:58 Wow, you really do have a gorgeous looking vulva #ThingsNotSaidOftenEnough (I've said this to someone, & it was 100% true) #

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