dalekboy (dalekboy) wrote,

The Tweets of April

20:46 Damn, 99% certain that I'll be rebuilding my computer's operating system in the next week or two. #jobsIhate #

20:47 On the plus side, I may make it dual booting and install Ubuntu :) #

20:49 Hey, has anyone ever done a story where the monsters can't move? #DrWhoWritersMeetings #

20:53 Let's do an Agatha Christie murder mystery, but with robots! #DrWhoWritersMeetings #

20:56 We could throw out a year's work & link a bunch of poorly thought out stories with the Doctor on trial. #DrWhoWritersMeetings #

20:57 Do you think a planet with giant spiders who jump on your back would upset kiddies? Let's do that then. #DrWhoWritersMeetings #

20:59 ...and one of the aliens looks like a giant penis with six arms and a giant eye for a head. #DrWhoWritersMeetings #

21:00 What would happen if it turned out the Yeti were robots? #DrWhoWritersMeetings #

21:04 So a planet has in intelligent cancer and it's making the ant and butterfly people fight... #DrWhoWritersMeetings #

21:05 Almost everyone dies, and then the Doctor regenerates... #DrWhoWritersMeetings #

21:07 ... of course we'll have to make the Doctor half-human, and layer the story with irrelevant continuity. #DrWhoWritersMeetings #

21:08 ...And then at the end of part two we can have a literal cliffhanger! #DrWhoWritersMeetings #

21:09 And at the end of the story, the Earth blows up! #DrWhoWritersMeetings #

07:31 And, they'll never see this coming, we make a member of the High Council of Time Lords a traitor! #DrWhoWritersMeetings #

15:44 Lex admiring the bubbles at Questacon twitpic.com/1jaglh #

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