dalekboy (dalekboy) wrote,

The Tweets of April

20:33 At some point after becoming a father, you will find yourself a lot more interested in the films of John Wayne. #parenting #

09:24 #3wordsbeforesex - Release the Kraken! #

09:27 #3wordsbeforesex - Please stop laughing #

13:07 Lex's swim teacher wants to join navy, if she can find a job. Already applied for 2 jobs & told 'not for women.' #sexism #

13:50 I rather like #netspace. Always had good service & just upgraded our plan to 40 gig a month for $49.95, 10 gig more & at old price #happy #

14:58 Lex scratched a little paint off the wall, so I moved his cot. He has now *chewed* a chunk out of the window frame! #

17:23 Muslims, Asians, gay couples, and so on, I'd rather sell my home to you than Hanson & her ilk tinyurl.com/2e6ksxq #

17:26 I wish all the yobs that agree with Pauline Hanson would follow her lead and leave the friggin' country. #OverTheStupidity #

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