dalekboy (dalekboy) wrote,

The Tweets of April

20:18 I didn't dance naked in the rain, but Lex & I played in it, which is almost as good. twitpic.com/1h0k0f #

09:20 Choice between Liberal-lite and Liberal... I may end up voting Greens, since Democrats are still (deservedly) buggered. #

09:24 Yes, Aus Democrats, we're still angry about what you did. Keeping the bastards honest means not giving in to what they want. #

12:43 That's it, I'm moving to Rio Negro valley, Columbia - tinyurl.com/y5jll5n #

13:23 15yo self - Girl you're madly in love with & you think has no interest? She's in love with you & thinks same #gimmeacall #

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