dalekboy (dalekboy) wrote,

The Tweets of April

21:42 My thoughts on writing for Daleks, on my LJ - tinyurl.com/y3rmlf6 - no huge spoilers for Victory of the Daleks. #

00:03 My review of the Hartnell #DoctorWho story "The Time Meddler" is up on my LJ - tinyurl.com/y233ex8 #

00:35 And so, to bed! #

13:13 Links to all my #DoctorWho season 2 story reviews here - tinyurl.com/Hart02 - Overall season score - 7.1/10 #

13:16 And links to the Hartnell #DoctorWho season 1 reviews here - tinyurl.com/Hart01 - Season score - 7.5/10 #

13:41 I would rather someone overseeing a disaster find time get food and rest. Less chance of errors through exhaustion. #

13:48 Did any of the other people in operations take breaks during the Victorian fires? We should be going after all them, too! #

13:49 How dare people in high stress situations be allowed time to eat, rest, and recover! Run them into the ground I say! #

13:51 I sincerely doubt there would be all this fuss if someone called Christopher Nixon had gone out for dinner. #

13:51 Oooohhh... I'm an angry Dan. Someone find me a puppy to cuddle! #

15:08 Ooohh... Thunder... much better than puppies :) #

15:09 Have now booked room for Aussiecon 4. Big room, on site, so if the con sucks, Party In My Room! (around sleeping children) #

15:23 Don't hate me because I'm beautiful. Hate me because I've used old DNA to bring back the Dodo, and they're delicious. #

15:43 First Dalek movie review is up - tinyurl.com/y4yeegd #

16:03 We got water fallin' from the sky here. I go dance naked in it, but I don't want to frighten it away. #

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