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The Tweets of April [Apr. 12th, 2010|06:00 pm]

11:18 Got to hear a new story about my dad that I hadn't ever heard before - makes a blah day that much better. #

12:11 The Band, a porn film I had a small part in, just won Best Feature at the Feminist Porn Awards! Congrats @AnnaBrownfield #

12:18 Random pics from the set of The Band flic.kr/p/6gChdW flic.kr/p/6gCmAW flic.kr/p/6gyhoT flic.kr/p/6gCkmj #

12:25 Of all the short films I was in, The Band stuck out as the one with the happiest people and most fabulous catering. #

16:10 Don't hate me because I'm beautiful. Hate me because if you get a paper cut, I'll offer to put lemon juice on it. #

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