dalekboy (dalekboy) wrote,

The Tweets of April

18:04 Remember being a kid? How you'd get naked, put undies on your head, & spin in circles till you fell over? No, me neither. #

21:44 Often when @angriest talks about a movie as being good, I want to see it. He's usually right. #

23:56 Just took "Which Crazy Writer Are You?" and got: Oscar Wilde! Try it ➔ bit.ly/aLbmCT #

00:20 Tired, bed is calling me... Actually, it's shouting abuse at me... ooohhhh bed, you know what I like. #

12:49 One Christmas I kneecapped Santa to steal his sleigh of presents. He escaped, returned later that night, & broke dad's leg! #

13:38 Wind power at Albany, W.A. flic.kr/p/6jW1co #

13:40 Emu footprint flic.kr/p/6ndgFh #

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