dalekboy (dalekboy) wrote,

The Tweets of April

18:12 Don't look up "K9" on isohunt just at the moment. Ew! #

22:58 Saw Clash of the Titans in glorious 2D. Less fun than original, still enjoyable, with variable effects and action. 7/10 #

11:30 Word for the day - kunterbunt - it's German for higgledy-piggledy :) #

14:32 Don't hate me because I'm beautiful. Hate me for saying, "Release the Kraken!" before we have sex. #

14:33 And when I say Kraken, I'm referring to my penis. Because it's big. And has scales. And teeth. And smells of plankton. #

14:59 Gotta say, I'm enjoying the low budget, slow build creepiness of Marble Hornets - tinyurl.com/MarbH #

17:15 I had a semi-productive day, which given I was tired, was something I didn't expect. I like days like that. #

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