dalekboy (dalekboy) wrote,

Clash of the Titans

Saw this in glorious 2D, and suspect that if I'd seen it in 3D the effects would have annoyed the hell out of me.

As it was, a reasonable enough flick. I haven't seen the original in some years, but remember it as being fun. This was less fun, but still enjoyable. Don't think it was worth $17, so very glad I didn't pay $21 to see it in 3D. That said, I don't think most movies are worth $17, given that many only spend $2.50 on the script.


I think some of the action scenes suffered a bit because you couldn't always tell what was happening, and the effects were of varying quality. That said, I loved the two hunting characters that join the group, and the scene with the pimped out scorpions was inspired.

I do think for all the great big massive effects shots, the missed the shot that, if done well, would have the money shot of the flick - the pegasus running along the shore. If they'd continued that shot and shown it lifting off, it would have been amazing.

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