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The Tweets of April [Apr. 7th, 2010|06:01 pm]

20:12 40 minutes into Kung Fu Panda - I've laughed for the first time. #

09:12 Got a mostly full night's sleep, did LJ post on how awesome I am, have eaten breakfast, and am about to take the boy swimming (cont). #

09:15 ...in the absence of any chance of sex, will need to have a nice wank, or do some cleaning, to make this the perfect day. #

09:20 The further away I get from having watched The Illusionist, the more it annoys me. #movies #

09:22 50 minutes in, the DVD of Kung Fu Panda froze, so I took it that the universe was being kind. I had laughed 3 times by that point #movies #

09:30 Right, I'm off to the pool to let all those mothers admire my pasty, podgy, hairy body. *rowr* #

13:31 Just kicking a movie that made 300+ million - tinyurl.com/b55cut tinyurl.com/nv8db3 #

13:40 Maybe I'm getting pickier, or maybe when presented with bad scripts, I can't help but think about the good stuff I'm missing. #

14:23 Hellboy 2 wasn't as good as I remembered, but I like the universe, and it helped get the Panda taste out of my mouth. #

14:33 Don't hate me because I'm beautiful. Hate me because I'm a father *and* sperm donor - no way my genetic line is dying out any time soon. #

14:41 Will see what I think next time I watch Hellboy 2. Not something you'll hear me saying about Kung Fu Panda. #

14:44 needs cuddles, and possibly sleep. Think I will try to do something about the latter. #

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