dalekboy (dalekboy) wrote,

Hey World!

Just letting you know that Strokeboy did well while AwesomeWifePerson (TM) has been away. The boy got looked after, one or two things got done, it was all good.

I didn't really have doubts that I'd be okay, but I was actually more okay than even I thought.

Feel free to stay away for a second week and get some more rest, shazgirl, 'cos I'm doin' fine! Well, I'm still behind on a bunch of things, but I was behind on those with you here, so no change there. And I like that you've had a rest and some fun, and know that it's gunna be a while before that happens again when little Dorothy is born.

On an unrelated note, I got sent a bunch of personal messages with questions regarding my Strokeboyness. Will try to get back to you folks, or I may just do a post here. Either depends on finding time/inclination, but will do my best to reply in some form. Don't expect it soon, though.

Must be off, swimming today!

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