dalekboy (dalekboy) wrote,

The Tweets of April

22:01 Just finished Captain Blood (1937) with Errol Flynn. Great flick, and fun to see the stuff that got reused in Pirates of the Caribbean. #

23:41 Good night my dears and dream wonderful dreams - only don't tell people about them, 'cos other people's dreams are boring. #

09:38 Easter morning in Australia, and we have the traditional Chocolate-coated larvae - Yum! flic.kr/p/6i2THi #

09:40 But save room for your lollipop with the cricket inside! flic.kr/p/6i6YuE #

09:43 Easter morning, and my son is dancing to The Residents Diskomo 2000 - better than any chocolate! #

10:02 For those interested, my pre-recorded bit on Inferno for the #swancon Doctor Who panel - tinyurl.com/SwCInf #

11:19 My computer is telling me it may be up to 11 hours before the new #DoctorWho magically appears on there. I may explode before then. #

11:58 Any other show that airs in Australia within a month of it airing overseas I'm happy to wait for. Not #DoctorWho though #

13:21 Hopes for new #DoctorWho - if there is foreshadowing it will be a building of ideas and information, rather than a repeated word or phrase. #

13:33 Don't hate me because I'm beautiful. Hate me because I'm so much better than you at tiddly-winks. #

13:37 I hit a kangaroo in my car the other night. It kept complaining when I missed a turn, but it was the one giving directions. #

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