dalekboy (dalekboy) wrote,

The Tweets of April

18:07 Snakes on a Train is, sadly, rather rather dull as well as being crap. #

22:58 Just finished Fight Club. In the East on Good Friday we celebrate the films of Fincher. He was crucified on Alien 3. #

22:59 I look forward to when Lex is old enough to watch Fight Club. I think 5 or 6 should be the ideal age. #

23:09 Don't hate me because I'm beautiful. Hate me because I'm going to oversee the colourisation and 3D conversion of Casablanca. #

23:18 Goodnight to all my friends at my beloved #Swancon #

07:52 Lex woke me up at 7:15. It's now 7:50 and I'm going back to bed. #

12:04 Oh no! Poor Glen. The madness and frustration will eat him alive. Windows is evil. *mutters to self* Mustn't do rebuild. #

14:38 wrote a piece on how I'm doing four years after my stroke - tinyurl.com/Stroke4 #

14:45 Mustn't rebuild computer. Will regret it most definitely. #

17:33 Picture from the short film, Dudes of Doom. This is how I looked when I played God flic.kr/p/6FKAUf #

17:36 And here I am in my other role from Dudes of Doom - God's insane, zombie-raising prophet. flic.kr/p/6FKM1A #

17:38 I figured pics of God and his zombie-raising prophet were appropriate for Easter. #

17:41 A non-Danny shot - The Traveller's Cross at Eucla, West Australia flic.kr/p/6BqNFP #

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