dalekboy (dalekboy) wrote,

The Tweets of April

08:51 Every morning my son comes over and bounces at me. This is how he says "Put some music on, Old Man, I gots ta dance!" #

11:18 thinks Portal is the most replayable game I own. Every few weeks I get the urge to play it again. #

11:22 twitpic.com/1ci30e - Don't hate me because I'm beautiful. Hate me because I was here and you weren't. #

11:57 Feeling sad today that I'm not at #Swancon. If you're in Perth W.A. and into sci-fi check out tinyurl.com/yz8wv7s #

12:01 Probably cope with lack of #swancon better if wife was here. She makes my world nicer. Hope she's enjoying the convention :) #

12:04 On the upside, I'm having fun with Lex. When he's happy, it's good, when teething and tantrumy, I mock him. It's win win! #

12:05 Hey, how many times does #swancon have to be mentioned to get it to trend? #swancon #swancon #swancon #swancon #swancon #swancon #swancon #

12:10 Actually, may be time to make some suggestions. If you're into cult film, check out tinyurl.com/PaleoC @paleocinema #

12:17 If you're in Australia and into TV - boxcutters.net/ great podcasts. They also have lots of overseas fans. #

12:19 I can also recommend the Axecop comic. It's written by a 6 year old. www.axecop.com/ #

12:25 #ff @wikifacts @lewispmorley @realJBS @GregMutt @SergeGraystone @HarrySKeeler @MrsStephenFry @GBusey @CapricaSeven @mpesce #

12:26 There, if you find one thing you enjoy from my recommendations of the last ten minutes, my work here is done. #

12:31 Must resist urge to rebuild computer - will only end in tears and frustration... #

13:32 Have fun at #BtCon, my dears! #

14:07 For those into vidding and the like, I ask on my LJ - what programs are you using? tinyurl.com/DalekVid #

14:24 In Australia, Father Christmas drives a Holden. flic.kr/p/7sJzth #

14:27 I'm enjoying #LexCon1. We're about to go outside to the chalk-drawing panel :-D #

15:46 #EvilAtheists There's all those wars they started with people who didn't disbelieve in god properly for a start. #

15:47 #EvilAtheists Then there's the suicide bombers, who blow up innocent people just because they aren't athiests. #

15:51 Hey Catholic church, I'm happy for you to have your beliefs, but lay off blaming the world's ills on atheists #EvilAtheists #

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