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Vidding question for the hive mind

So, in the last couple of weeks, I had to put together some clips. Now in the old days, I would have just grabbed the video tapes, cross-taped the relevant bits, and the whole thing would have been done in a few hours. It was literally pause recording where I wanted the next clip, set the source running, release pause, press stop and it was done. With all my source stuff on their separate tapes, I could chuck together a presentation in 2-3 hours.

With DVDs I find it's get the clip, dump it down, try to put it in the editing program, find the program didn't like the format, fuck about for a few hours trying variations, lather, rinse, repeat. The five minutes of clips from a single DVD literally took me well over a week to get sorted. Once I solved the basic issues and figured workarounds, it was quicker, but still slow and clunky.

As I have a few friends doing the songvid thing, I wanted to ask what programs people are using. Preferably free programs, though I'm not averse to paying for stuff. What are the pros and cons for the progs you're using, how do you find the functionality, formatting, and so on.

Basically I'd like to break the process down to the smallest number of steps possible, so I can have a nice collection of good quality clips for panels and the like at the end, without losing days and days to the drudge-work..
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